Thursday, October 7, 2010

Human Development: Tracking the Scientific Understanding of our Species

This new series will cover select studies across a variety of sciences that are perceived to be particularly important to understanding and fostering human development.

The idea is to keep track of key findings across a number of human-centered fields to fight against the almost impregnable combination of apathy, academic myopia, and information overload that impede an explosive and radically-amazed appreciation of 21st Century Scientific Progress.

Below is the first (short) batch. Enjoy!

Despite highest health spending, Americans' life expectancy falls behind other countries'
Obesity, smoking, traffic fatalities and homicide ruled out as causes of failure of US to keep up with gains in life expectancy in other countries.

Psychologist finds 'shocking' memory improvement
Enhance your memory.

Stressed-out mothers may worsen their child's asthma
You don't need your much as your mother needs a tranquilizer.

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